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Eimers Guitars

Explore What We Can Do for You

Eimers Guitars doesn’t only want to run the show, but our aim is to produce exceptional guitars for people who got strong taste for music. Explore what we can do for you, and you’ll be astound with the options we can provide. We might not be as famous as The Fenders and Gibson, but our brand is certainly worth exploring. Music is not about the brand of the guitar you play. It’s about the passion and soul you pop on every note. So, we will pull every string necessary to make the guitar that will you be proud of.

Various Superb Materials to Choose From

From Mahogany, Ash, Maple, Basswood, to Walnut, and Spruce woods, we have it all. Your guitar will last for a long time if it’s made with high-quality materials. Did you know that the type of wood your guitar is made of, affects the crispness of sound it produces? Here at Eimers Guitars, we only use superb materials. Not only because we want to produce good-looking guitars, but we also keep in mind the experience of the users on every pluck.

A Guitar that is Made Just for You

Our Luthiers know that music is about individuality. We are here to support you. We can pull-off any intricate design that you might prefer. You can choose what materials you want us to use, what kind of finish you want, the shape, and even the measurement. We will make the guitar of your dreams that is made just for you.

Specially Made by The Masters

You probably have many favorite guitarists. And you would probably close your eyes and sway every time they play. But know this, behind the guitar they play, is a luthier. Here at Eimers Guitars, we call them masters. They dedicate a great deal amount of time and effort to bring out exceptional guitars that would make our customers happy and proud.

Encouraging the Young Generation to Make Music

We are not just a local store who makes high-quality guitars. We are also supporters of music. Our legacy is to encourage young generation to make music. We don’t want the quality of music to die down. Even technology is moving fast paced, we believed that music is a part of life and a gift we need to cherish. For those reasons, we help children and young adults to learn how to play for free. We encourage them to write a song of their own and make music coming from their heart.

Visit Us and Get Your Discount

Visit our shop and get special discounts. You’ll be a witness on how our masters make their creations. We are sure that you will appreciate the dedication they give one guitar at a time. There will be a lot of music and singing in the shop, so your entertainment is on us. You’ll also earn voucher codes, and you can use them once you have decided to purchase an instrument from the shop.