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On this website you will find information on the Selmer Maccaferri style guitars constructed by Eimers-Guitars. Besides information about the guitars and how to order, you will also find information about construction and players. Enjoy !


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Eimers-Guitars is, for more than ten years, specialized in  Selmer \ Maccaferri style guitars. Besides construction of the oval and d-hole instruments, also adjustments, restorations and repairments can be performed. All work is done by hand using classic techniques. Stochelo and Nous'che Rosenberg from The Rosenberg Trio play Eimers-Guitars.     


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new3+bruin.gif (6928 bytes)  Coming soon !  The Rosenberg Trio concert at the Django Reinhardt festival in Samois 2003. Click here to read more about the guitars of  Stochelo and Nous'che.



new3+bruin.gif (6928 bytes)Selmers style tuners ! (goto Tuners)

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new3+bruin.gif (6928 bytes)   Free Wegen pick (goto Guitars)

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new3+bruin.gif (6928 bytes)  New model of Eimers-Guitars: the F hole model Amati (goto Guitars)


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        Original measurements

        Good tone and playability

        Completely hand crafted

        Replica tailpiece, Shaller� tuners  

        Traditional finish

        Good price \ quality

       INCLUDED in the price (all models)::

        Big Tone piezo pickup, hard shell case      



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