Learn How to Play Guitar the Fastest Way

You probably wanted to be a rock star recently, but you find it hard to play like one. Famous guitarists have been playing for years, they had so much practice. But they all started like you, trying to figure out how to play, what’s the right way to pluck, and the list go on. Don’t worry, it may sound overwhelming, but it is not too late.

First, Learn the Basic Chords

You’ll be amazed that most of your favorite songs are composed with basic chords. Typically, a song could have four to five basic chords such as D, C, E-minor, and A-minor. At first, you will have to train your fingers to cooperate. These basic chords use only three fingers, so they are perfect for beginners. There are so many free sheets online. You can search for your favorite songs at Ultimate Guitar website and start from there.

Learn the Beat

No matter how complex you know about playing guitars, it will be useless if you are not playing in the right beat. You have to count and consider the tempo of the song you want to play. Use your feet when counting or if you need more help, you can buy a metronome. You buy it from a local store or shop online using discounts if you are not in a hurry. Don’t get frustrated when you miss a beat. It is perfectly normal. Even professionals make mistakes despite of their experience. Keep practicing and you’ll learn the rules of the beat as if you’re grooving to the sound of your favorite song.

Use a Guitar App

Another thing we find helpful is the use of guitar apps. These apps will be perfect for beginners and intermediate players, they will teach you the proper placement of your fingers on each string and can also teach you how to pluck as well. The beauty of a guitar app is you can install it in your phone for easy access without the need for more equipment. It also has programs specially made for your learning speed.

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